Today, 20 years later, A cqua dell'Elba has 24 single-brand stores (19 on the Island of Elba and 5 in the most prestigious streets of the cities of Rome, Florence, Siena and Lucca) and a distribution network of 580 customer perfumeries of quality scattered throughout the national territory. With a look abroad to bring the scent of the sea and all its beauty to the world

      The passion for perfumes and a shared dream: to revive on Elba, thanks to the excellence of the best master perfumers, the magic of the Tuscan Renaissance workshop. A place where the extraordinary manual skills of the master and his pupils were combined with a natural propensity for beauty, a profound knowledge of the arts and culture and a strong desire for excellence.

      Artisans of the twenty-first century, keepers of a secret that goes beyond the quality of the raw materials and the accuracy of the workmanship.

      A careful selection of artifacts to experience all the beauty of the sea.
      A unique bouquet, wisely composed by our skilled artisan hands, which combines Acqua dell'Elba historical products and new items created for sea and boating lovers.

      A discreet elegance, as is the spirit of Acqua dell'Elba, for a unique experience on board: in the delicacy of the fabrics, which will dress your rooms with elegance; in the softness of the body creams, which will envelop you in a warm embrace; in the pleasantness of the soaps, which will pamper you like the waves of the sea; in the magic of candles, which will make you dream of the enchantment of a midsummer evening; in the poetry of home fragrances, which will mark your most beautiful memories.

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